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Spirit Letter

When communication with another is difficult or impossible, there's a simple process that one can do to effectively communicate with another at a spiritual level. This affects the nature of your situation at a personality level. I've heard many testimonials of difficult issues finding resolution with this process. Here's how it goes:

• You sit down with pen and paper and you get an image of the other person. Getting an image in your mind of another is like contacting the spiritual essence of the other person.

• You begin to write everything that you would like to say to this person without censoring one word since this is a letter that you will never send. Write until you feel complete as this process is for your healing and sense of completion, as well.

• At the end of the letter, you ask the spirit of the person to interpret every point of your letter to their personality in a language that they can hear and understand. The spirit is very masterful at getting around the blocks, the fortresses, defense mechanisms, ego, narcissism, denial, essentially everything a person does to create anyone from getting close to them or dealing with their issues. Their experience of receiving your spiritual communication will be that every issue you wrote about will come up within the person as if it was their own idea. This is a very disarming way to communicate to others in a way that really works.

• Then you burn the letter, which is about letting go and giving it to a higher power for intervention. Then observe the situation for any changes.

• You may write as many spirit letters as you feel you need to. Sometimes you may need to do this process again. Or, it could be that you created magic from the first letter and that you feel a sense of completion. But you'll know to monitor the situation and assess what needs to be done.

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