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Rock Salt Packs

The Story of the Migrating Etheric Body

Old Tibetan medical books describe the mysterious practice of lifting out childhood trauma, old hurts and negative karma by using heated rock salt. A Buddhist monastery high in the mountains of Nepal also has references to this practice dating back to the 13th century. The Himalayas form the "roof of the Earth," and are great distances in all directions from any saltwater sea.

Rock Salt was carried along ancient trade routes, being carefully guarded against wandering mountain bandits. Saved for special occasions when a spiritual teacher (lama) wanted to accelerate the progress of a student toward enlightenment, or a Tibetan doctor wanted to perform an "amazing cure," rock salt was prescribed.

The Magic Power of Rock Salt

All forms of life on Earth have an invisible energy double, called the aura or etheric body. Animals, plants, humans, birds, ever the mineral kingdom. Rock Salt stands alone for one magical quality that no other life form on earth has - when gently heated, the etheric energy of the rock salt pulls away from the salt and "travels" to a specific chemical in our body, which it has an affinity for.

During our life, we experience painful or unpleasant memories along with positive, happy ones. The painful ones would continue causing us constant unhappiness if we carried them in our everyday mind, so these memories are pushed deep down into the unconscious. Carl Jung was especially fascinated with the area of the mind, because it often is controlling our life and we have no idea it has such power over us!

The unconscious mind rules the lower regions of the body, and seems to focus in the low pelvic cavity, low back and kidney/adrenal areas. This is a primal center of survival, the "flight or fight" mechanism that is fired off by the adrenals. They sit atop the kidneys like a rider on horseback.

The painful memories are stored in the low back/kidney area, causing much low back pain and stiffness. When events in our life trigger off old memories, often they will replay like a closed-loop tape, accompanied by low back pain.


The Traveling Power of Rock Salt

The heated rock salt was carefully wrapped in toweling and the fortunate individual laid on the hot pack in the area of their low back, until the sand clock equaled 45 minutes in western time.

Since the mists of time, mystics knew the body begins its release during the evening hours, after having been active all day long supporting the daily activities. Chinese acupuncturists dating back 5000 years, knew the kidney meridian comes into its own between 5 and 7 PM. For this reason, it is important to use the Rock Salt Packs late in the day, evening or at bedtime for best results.

The hot rock salt leaves the salt in the pack, travels to the chemical in the low back, which is holding the painful emotions and experiences, and begins to disintegrate the etheric body of the chemical. Once this is done, the memories begin to be released through the kidneys as urine. It is so simple and amazing!

As the hot pack begins to cool in 40 to 45 minutes, the etheric body of the rock salt retraces its journey and settles in the rock salt again.

I often wonder how the Tibetans ever discovered this secret quality, as I also wonder how they know so many other secret practices and rituals that all seem to work their magic. Once the rock salt cools, it becomes toxic, now filled with the residue of many old experiences you would rather never remember.

Recipe for a Rock Salt Pack

Fortunately, we live near the sea and Rock Salt is plentiful and very inexpensive. Any grocery or drug store carries the five-pound box or bag, and hardware stores carry the 25 lb. size.

Each individual pack requires 4-5 lbs. of salt. Never substitute regular salt or epsom salts, because their etheric body does not travel.
Warm the Rock Salt, DRY in a large pot over medium high heat, stirring constantly to prevent burning. In 10 - 15 minutes, it should be hot, but not burning hot. The microwave and oven both "kill" the etheric body of the salt.
Lay out a bath towel, lined with a pillowcase, pouring the hot salt on top of the pillowcase and towel. Spread out in a rectangle shape approximately 7" high and the width of your body. Fold toweling over the salt, making a hot pack. If too hot, put another layer of toweling over it. It is very important to finish the pack no later than 45 minutes.
Immediately throw away the rock salt, or save in a separate container to put on icy winter roads. Drink one hot cup of fresh parsley tea immediately following the pack. Chop one Tbsp. of fresh washed parsley, steep for 5 minutes, strain out parsley and drink the extract. This will wash away any of the chemical that did not fully release from this treatment.

It is important to note that 24 hours must pass before another rock salt pack can be used. It is recommended that you do no more than 3 rock salt packs per week.

Rock Salt Pack information provided by Madi Nolan of Seattle, WA

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