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Foreword for Grounding - Coming Home to Your Self


I began the process of Grounding in the early 80s while living in San Francisco.  It was there I began my studies as a clairvoyant and energy healer.  That was almost 30 years ago.  At the start of this incredible journey into the world of perceiving and interpreting the rich symbols and colors of the subtle realms, the very first process I was taught was a Grounding technique.  In order for a clairvoyant to feel safe and secure as one ventures into these altered states of perception, Grounding was taught and frequently reinforced for its importance to reassure, nurture and stabilize the physical, emotional bodies and all aspects of the self to be comfortable with the process of seeing.

Grounding facilitates clear perception and insight in every aspect of one’s life.  The more I worked with it in my personal life, the more I realized that Grounding was not just for clairvoyants.  This fundamental process worked really well in my relationships with others, in communication, in actualizing my goals, in my nursing career, and in my work as an elementary school teacher.  Literally, everything in my life worked better from a Grounded place. 

Nursing and teaching children are two of the most stressful occupations one can have.  Yet, I reflect on all those years of unbelievably demanding work and how I consciously tried to integrate being Grounded as I interacted with either educating children or managing the myriads of issues for people with major health challenges.  I thought if I could be fully present, Grounded and integrated within myself in these situations, I could do it anywhere.

I share with you my journey and many experiences that positively changed my life.  My daily routine flowed so much better if I started the day with a simple Grounding technique.  Even one to five minutes of Grounding in the morning seemed to alter the course of the entire day to make everything feel right.  In addition, if I consciously Grounded from time to time throughout the day, I noticed more synchronicity, better communication and I more fully enjoyed participating in the flow of my life.

Since I found it to be so helpful, I began teaching classes and guiding people how to Ground.  It seemed this information was too valuable and everyone should be aware of this.  After all, Grounding is a fundamental connection that we all should have.  Over the years, I saw this process empower the lives of my clients and students in so many ways.

As you gain a better understanding and awareness of Grounding, you’ll learn to transform even hardship into energies that are supportive and help you to grow and be committed to living your life in a more dedicated way.  Use this book as a guide for supporting your efforts to discover your fundamental connection to the energies of the Earth as a basis for your life.  You’ll also learn how to do much of your personal healing work through your Grounding connection.  If more people work on their personal issues, it takes these kinds of issues from the planet as a whole.  Time for us all to get to work and get Grounded!

Grounding is a process whereby you learn to take better care of yourself and be responsible for your life--which feels very much like coming home to your Self.  This is not a quick fix, but rather a commitment to the quality of your personal life and well-being, which is very much worth striving for.  Over time you will see results.  You are building a better relationship to your Self, the health of your body, mind and emotions, your personal life and how you interact with others.  Grounding brings increased awareness to your environment, to the forces of nature, to the Earth and its creatures.  By being more present, you enhance your personal life and change the world to a place where you participate more fully in a more committed way.  You just need to make the decision and commit to the goal...

Nell Arnaud 
Mt. Shasta, CA

Coming Home to Your Self
by Nell Arnaud

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