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Grounding Book Excerpt

An Excerpt from the book

Coming Home to Your Self
By Nell Arnaud

Dr. Liu’s Chi Gong Exercise for Stress

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing a phenomenal yet eccentric Chinese herbalist and acupuncturist named Dr. Johannes Liu of Seattle, Washington.  Dr. Liu was distinguished as the finest Chinese herbalist in the state of Washington by the medical community.  I witnessed more miracles through the work of Dr. Liu, than anyone else I’ve ever known. 

Dr. Liu was short-tempered, commanding, incisive, and opinionated.  He didn’t like unconscious people and strongly disliked the proverbial “Ugly American” asking him too many questions.  The “Ugly American” is a stereotype that gives Americans a bad reputation around the world as the one who is loud, arrogant, demeaning, thoughtless, incapable of being sensitive to people of other cultures and judging everything by American standards. 

Dr. Liu usually threw these people out of his office without any explanation.  ”Out!” he’d say, “Get Out!”  If you swallowed your pride and re-scheduled to see him again after such a rude experience, it was as if he never remembered the incident.  In fact, Dr. Liu never seemed to remember any of his patients at all!  Each visit was just like the first.  I referred many people to Dr. Liu as he completely cured their conditions by the powerful and specific Chinese herbal remedies that he combined for just the right effect.  Dr. Liu charged $30 per visit, which included 3 small bags of these magnificent Chinese herbs that seemed to cure just about anything!

I loved knowing Dr. Liu and his unconventional style with people and even his abrupt ways were refreshing, as you definitely knew where you stood with him.  He was the quintessential healer whom I admired and respected.  He’s retired now, but his life’s work was an admirable contribution to those who had the good fortune to experience his genius. 

One of the most valuable things Dr. Liu taught me was a simple Chi Gong exercise for stress.  In his very limited English with heavy Chinese accent, he referred to this exercise as--the “Chi Gong Exercise for Stress.”  I asked, “Dr. Liu, for how long should one do the exercise?”  In typical Dr. Liu style, he abruptly responded, “Not ‘how long,’ you just DO!”

I discovered that the Chi Gong Exercise for Stress was incredibly helpful to experience being in one’s body in a healing way as it opened many of the meridians flushing life force energy throughout the body.  I couldn’t help but notice that the Chi Gong Exercise for Stress was the most excellent precursor to being more Grounded.  I found it to be so helpful that it soon became the first thing I taught my students in my Grounding classes.  Moreover, it was perfect for managing the body of stress, which is the foundation for 80 to 90% of all disease.  Here’s the process: 

  • From a seated position with your feet flat on the floor, back straight, place the outer edge of your hands on your lap. 
  • Simply be in a relaxed position.  You may begin to feel pulsing, tingling and relaxation.  Your whole body relaxes the longer you hold this posture.
  • This simple exercise can be done while watching TV, talking on the phone with a headset, sitting in class, sitting at a restaurant waiting for the waiter to bring your order, visiting with a friend, or simply sitting quietly and feeling the wonderful effects of this simple exercise.  It’s easy, it’s palpable, it feels great, it reduces stress and helps you be comfortable in your own body.  
  • Below are illustrations of the Chi Gong Exercise for Stress.  You can do it while seated in a chair as shown in the first illustration.  You can also do it standing up.  And, if ever you have a difficult time getting to sleep, you can also hold the same hand posture while lying down.  The deep relaxation you feel from this Chi Gong posture will quiet your mind and make you feel peaceful until you naturally fall asleep.  



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