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Nell has worked as a counselor and healer for 30 years. This journey began one day, when Nell was working as a nurse in an extremely busy hospital setting. She had this realization and thought, "It's not germs that cause disease, it's energy, it's negative emotional states and discordant energy that creates chaotic patterns throughout the body which ultimately cause disease. I need to learn about energy!"

This process helps you to clear unwanted, unhelpful energies to make your own personal essence energies more available, which is your birthright and destiny to fully express.  This process is very empowering, grounding, liberating and supports you to live more fully from your strengths and gifts.

This is how Nell describes a Private Consultation:

"I ask clients to come to the session with a list of issues. When we get together either in-person or on the phone or Skype, I ask the client to read the list first. When a person talks about their issues, many images, symbols and pictures, begin to emerge from their energy field. I trace the meaning of these pictures back to the original experience, which created imprints of these memories into your body. Often, these come from early childhood trauma or any number of other experiences. I begin by describing the emerging impressions and/or images and talk about these while systematically clearing the unwanted patterns from your system. Often, by hearing the information, people's innate self-healing energies are triggered to shift their own perspective, which is very powerful.

This process helps you to clear unwanted, problematic blocks or dysfunctions thereby making your own personal essence energies more available. The full expression of your essence is your birthright and life's path. This process is very empowering, grounding, liberating and supports you to live more fully from your personal strengths, power, gifts and talents.

There's usually a lot of activity in a session with information and clearing simultaneously. I recommend that people relax and stay present with the process. I record the session and email the recorded session to you.

A consultation may include information on health issues, relationships, family, children, career or personal growth.

Please contact me at the number below or send an email to schedule a Personal Consultation."

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Nell Arnaud
Office:  530-926-6991

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As more and more people are called to deal with the intense and often difficult issues surfacing in these transitional times, the new technology of Energy Medicine has been developed to assist us. Nell Arnaud is one of these practitioners---a gifted and compassionate medical intuitive. Her information is clear, helpful, and often amazingly beautiful. My physical body will resonate with the truth of her information even before my mind and emotions comprehend it. I especially appreciate the empathic depth at which she works, and the loving, gentle support she provides. Her personal energy is clear and strong, and her spiritual courage and integrity are impeccable. Whether through her workshop teachings, or consultations, Nell provides quality, cutting-edge services.

Judith Ogden, MFT
South Lake Tahoe, CA

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