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Welcome to the Center for InterDimensional Healing!               

InterDimensional Healing is a modality to empower you to live a better, freer, more creative and sovereign life. It was created to help you more freely express your true self and to actualize your personal goals.

Personal Consultations are available providing counseling and energy clearings.  For more information on a Private Consultation - click Consultation

Grounding is a book written by Nell Arnaud. Grounding will give you a deeper feeling and understanding for what it means to be present, integrated and anchored in your personal sense of Self especially during these challenging times of great change. Written in simple language, this book invites you to explore your own sense of personal power in a fundamental way. Many guided Grounding Meditations are available to help you manage stress, understand Grounding and to perform much of your own personal healing work. To read an excerpt or to purchase a copy of the book or e-book - click Grounding Book 

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